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IT Solutions


The first priority of every business is to run efficiently and maximize performance, but how can you be efficient with a slow computer. After years of dealing with local businesses computers I have began to notice a glaring pattern; computers get slower and slower but users can’t sacrifice their computer for a day to get it cleaned up. Often things like Virus protection, Microsoft Updates and out-of-date software go unnoticed and eventually lead to much more severe issues.

I offer solutions to counter these issues; using Remote Administration software I can securely connect to your workstation(s) outside of your normal business hours when the machine is in it’s down time. While connected I perform various maintenance tasks to ensure optimal performance, ensure that the computer is sufficiently protected against the latest malware threats and advise on any necessary upgrades to maximize computers performance for tasks at hand.


I also offer a wide assortment of Email options and services to provide businesses with a more professional, practical and secure email practices. See the Email page for more details on how this can be extremely beneficial to your company.


Data is important, why not protect it against hardware failure, theft, loss or natural disaster. I provide a unique, simple and very flexible Backup solution for your unique business setup. See the Backup page for full details on our Data Backup service.

"Aaron was able to save us a ton of money each month by looking over our IT services, a lot of which were redundant or unneeded. Thanks Aaron, this represents huge annual savings!"
- Dave
Dave's company had a number of services that were being under utilized or outdated. By moving their main phone and internet lines over to newer offerings from Tbaytel along with a decent Shaw connection for load balancing and fall-back - we were able to reduce their monthly service charge by nearly $500, lower long distance rates by more than half and offer some redundancy to a business that relies pretty heavily on staying connected.
"Aaron is a Legend... and it's because of the incredible genius of this man, I am alive today - and my business is back up and running... God Bless Aaron"
- John
John had his iMac die on him just before a big deadline. As is scarily common, John didn't have a backup of any of his files he was working on - things that could not be recreated. Because of these circumstances our first priority was to get the hard drive out right away and backup any files we could. Thankfully his issue was not hard drive related so we were able to get his files fairly easily! John had his files within a few hours and was able to complete his work on any other computer while we resurrected his iMac.
"Aaron is fantastic, whatever your IT problem, he will fix it and he's super nice to work with, very personable and extremely capable. I wish I could work with people like Aaron all the time. I would select all of the attributes above to describe Aaron's work ethic and integrity. He's just great to work with." 
- Martha
Martha has been a wonderful customer since about 2008. From upgrading her many Macs over the years, and the odd Macbook repair, to some consulting and purchasing advice. Great customer with some kind words.